Term condition and Refund policy

1. All long term courses/subscription – pro-rata-refund If the enrolled student is not satisfied with our services/ tutors/ teaching method and the same is communicated to Decon Edu Pvt. ltd in writing within 5 days of class start date.

2. One-to-One tuition courses (for regular tuitions)- pro-rata-refund. Decon Edu will refund the amount on pro rata basis against non-delivered classes.

3. If student was earlier admitted to a program but later on transferred to some other program having lesser Tuition Fee, then for calculation of monthly proportionate deduction for the purpose of refund of Tuition Fee, the fee of the program in which the applicant was originally admitted (before program transfer) will be considered.

4. Students are not allowed to share their account with others/ facilitate other students to take class from your account.

5. None of the student can directly contact the Decon Edu teachers for taking class.