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ICSE Class 6 Math Syllabus

Number System- Natural and integer numbers, fractions and decimals, exponents, squares, and cube/roots, factorization, highest common factor, least common multiple, Algebra- Basic algebra, linear equation, Arithmetic’s- Average, ratio & proportion, percentage, time, distance & work, profit and loss, Set Theory- Introduction to set theory, Venn diagram, Geometry- Line, planes & angles, triangle, polynomial, quadrilateral, polygon, Mensuration- Triangles, rectangles & squares, cube & cuboid, Statistics- Data handling and graphs, Co-ordinate geometry- Point and line.

ICSE Class 6 English Syllabus

Prose- Old Tirumala, Clever Jadhoji, The White Mouse Circus, Across three Millennia, In a tunnel, Uncle Podger hangs a picture, Goodbye party for Miss Pushpa T.S., The Black Beauty. Poems- Mother to Son, The old brown horse, The way through the woods, The Railway Junction, In the Bazaars of Hyderabad. Grammar- Types of Sentences, Articles, Conjunctions, Idiomatic Phrases, Comprehension Questions, Nouns, Subject and Predicate, Adjectives: comparative/superlative, Prepositions, Direct and Indirect Object, Verbs and objects, Adverbs.

ICSE Class 6  Physics Syllabus

Fundamental of Physics, Mechanical Force, Work & Pressure, Energy, Magnetism

ICSE Class 6  Chemistry Syllabus

Fundamentals of Chemistry, Matter, Elements, compounds and mixtures, Physical & chemical changes, Air, Water, Rock & Soil.

ICSE Class 6  Biology Syllabus

Introduction of Biology, Plants, Animal, Our environment.

ICSE Class 6  Social Science Syllabus

History/Civics Syllabus

How do we learn history, Man: early phase of his life, Public property, Significant developments in the life of early man, Jainism, Buddhism and Confucianism, Development of empires and Asoka the great, Municipalities and corporations, The Mesopotamian, Egyptians and Chinese civilization, The Indus valley civilization and coming of Aryans, The Guptas, How do we govern our communities the village panchayat, Early iron age civilization- Greek and Roman.

Geography Syllabus

Use of globes and maps, Australia: the land and its resources, New Zealand, sugarcane cultivation in Queensland, Africa: people and their economic activities, life of bushman, Use of globes and maps, Australia: people and their economic activities, The aborigines of Australia, Africa: the land and its resources, The gift of Nile: The Arab republic of Egypt, Cocoa Cultivation in Ghana