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ICSE Class 7 Math Syllabus

Number System- Natural and integer numbers, fractions and decimals, exponents, squares, and cube/roots, factorization, highest common factor, least common multiple. Algebra- Basic algebra, linear equation, exponents. Arithmatics- Average, ratio & proportion, simple & compound interests, percentage, time, distance & work, profit and loss. Set Theory- Introduction to set theory, venn diagram. Geometry- Line, planes & angles, circle, triangle, polynomial, quadilateral, polygon, construction of figures. Mensuration- Triangles, rectangles & squares, cube & cuboid. Statistics- Data handling and graphs. Co-ordinate geometry- Point and line, distance.

ICSE Class 7 English Syllabus

English Grammar- Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Tenses, Voice, Adjectives, Adverbs, Sentence and Phrase, Subject-Verb Agreement, Reported Speech, Framing Questions, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Punctuations.  Applied Grammar- Gap Filling/Sentence Completion, Dialogue Completion, Sentence Reordering, Editing, Omission, Sentence Transformation. Reading Section- Reading Comprehension. Writing Section- Formal Letter, Informal Letter, E-mail, Diary Entry, Notice Writing, Message Writing, Debate, Speech, Article, Paragraph, Report Writing, Story Completion.

ICSE Class 7 Physics Syllabus

Fundamentals of physics, Motion, Electricity, Light, Heat, Sound, Floatation & Relative density.

ICSE Class 7 Chemistry Syllabus

Fundamentals of Chemistry, Elements, compounds & mixtures, Physical & chemical changes, Air, Water, Acid, bases & salts.

ICSE Class 7 Biology Syllabus

Cell & Tissues, Plants, Animals, Micro-organisms, Food, Our Environment.

ICSE Class 7 Social Science Syllabus

History- The Advent of Christianity, Islam and its Impact on the Middle East, The Delhi Sultanate, Cultural and Religious Developments under the Delhi Sultans, Political Unification under the Mughals, Social and Cultural Developments under the Mughals, Cultural Developments during the Mughal period, The Renaissance, The Bhakti and Sufi Movements.

Civic- The Basic ideas of the Constitution and citizenship, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy, The Union Legislature- the Parliament, The Union Executive, The Judiciary

GeographyRecording daily weather, Observation of wind speed and direction, Locating places on the earth and finding time, Movements of the earth, The four realms of the earth 6. Weathering, North America: economic resources and economic activities, Lumberjacks in Canada, Detroit: automobile industry of USA, Silicon valley, South America: physical features, South America: economic resources and economic activities, Coffee fazenda in brazil, Pastoral industry in Argentina, The guano islands, Antarctic.