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Grade 5th CBSE Board

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CBSE Class 5 Math Syllabus

The Fish Tale, Shapes and Angles, How Many Squares?, Parts and Wholes, Does it look the same?, Be My Multiple, I will be Your Factor, Can You See the Pattern?, Mapping Your Way, Boxes and Sketches, Tenths and Hundredths, Area and its Boundary, Smart Charts, Ways to Multiply and Divide, How Big? How Heavy?

CBSE Class 5 English Syllabus

 Ice-cream Man-Wonderful Waste!, Teamwork-Flying Together, My Shadow-Robinson Crusoe Discovers a footprint, Crying-My Elder Brother, The Lazy Frog-Rip Van Winkle, Class Discussion-The Talkative Barber, Topsy-turvy Land-Gulliver’s Travels, Nobody’s Friend-The Little Bully, Sing a Song of People, Malu Bhalu-Who Will be Ningthou?

CBSE Class 5 Science Syllabus

Super Senses, A Snake Charmer’s Story, From Tasting to Digesting, Mangoes Round the Year, Seeds and Seeds, Every Drop Counts, Experiments with Water, A Treat for Mosquitoes, Up You Go!, Walls Tell Stories, Sunita in Space, What if it Finishes…?, A Shelter so High!, When the Earth Shook!, Blow Hot, Blow Cold, Who will do this Work?, Across the Wall, No Place for Us?, A Seed tells a Farmer’s Story, Whose Forests?, Like Father, Like Daughter, On the Move Again.