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CBSE Class 7 Science Syllabus

Nutrition in Plants, Nutrition in Animals, Fibre to Fabric,  Heat,  Acids, Bases and Salts,  Physical and Chemical Changes,  Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals of Climate,  Winds, Storms and Cyclones,  Soil , Respiration in Organisms, Transportation in Animals and Plants , Reproduction in Plants , Motion and Time , Electric Current and its Effects, Light, Water – A Precious Resource, Forests – Our Lifeline, Wastewater Story.  

CBSE Class 7 English  Syllabus

 English: Honeycomb 

Three Questions & The Squirrel , A Gift of Chappals & The Rebel, Gopal and the Hilsa Fish & The Shed, The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom & Chivvy, Quality & Trees, Expert Detectives & Mystery of the Talking Fan, The Invention of Vita-Wonk & Dad and the Cat and the Tree, Fire – Friend and Foe & Meadow Surprises, A Bicycle in Good Repair & Garden Snake, The Story of Cricket.

The Alien Hand

The Tiny Teacher , Bringing Up Kari , The Desert, The Cop and the Anthem, Golu Grows a Nose, I want something in a Cage, Chandni, The Bear Story, A Tiger in the House, An Alien Hand English .

CBSE Class 7 Maths Syllabus

Integers , Fractions and Decimals ,  Data Handling ,   Simple Equations , Lines and Angles ,  The Triangle and its Properties , Congruence of Triangles ,  Comparing Quantities , Rational Numbers , Practical Geometry,  Perimeter and Area , Algebraic Expressions , Exponents and Powers ,  Symmetry , Visualising Solid Shapes.

CBSE Class 7 Social Science Syllabus


 Tracing Changes through a Thousand Years,New Kings and Kingdoms, The Delhi Sultans,The  Mughal Empire,Rulers and Buildings, Towns, Traders and Crafts persons,Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities, Devotional Paths to the Divine, The Making of Regional Cultures,Eighteenth -Century Political Formations

 Political Science

 On Equality, Role of the Government in Health, How the State Government Works, Growing up as Boys and Girls, Women Change the World, Understanding Media, Markets Around Us, A Shirt in the Market, Struggles for Equality

Geography (Our Environment)

 Environment,Inside Our Earth, Our Changing Earth, Air, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife, Human Environment – Settlement, Transport and Communication, Human Environment Interactions – The Tropical and the Subtropical Region, Life in the Deserts.