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Traditional Method Of Learning With the help of Modern Technology.


theOnlineGurukul is continuously working towards making the education process easy, comfortable & economic. We always research, understand and develop the resources to deliver quality education. We are happy to inform that our first offline coaching centre is started in Gurugram, more centres are also under development in Delhi-NCR, Noida, Lucknow, Pune and many other cities in India.Now students can take benefit of both online and offline Classes.



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theOnlineGurukul is a global platform for learning and teaching online where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning with the help of best experienced tutors/Instructors.

Don't have to step out for your day to day coaching classes, simply log in to theOnlineGurukul and enjoy the hassle free daily coaching of any subject with one of the best faculty at very affordable prices.

Experience better interaction and smooth communication with the online gurukul tutors. Unlike classrooms, a student won’t feel shy to ask questions and will be more comfortable chatting with the online tutor.

One of the striking benefits of online tuition is that the students get instant feedback from the tutor. In this way, they correct their mistakes on time, so that they can have better understanding of the problem.

Sending a child out for a late evening tuition can make parents worry about their safety as they are not mature enough to deal with the hardships of life. In this scenario, online tuition comes as a saviour as it lets a child study inthe comfort of the home at any time.

Healthy Mind Stays in Healthy Body

theOnlineGurukul provide Yoga classes that helps you to take care your health.
Yoga is integrative approach brings deep harmony and unshakable balance to body and mind in order to awaken our latent capacity for a higher consciousness that is the true purpose of human evolution. The many methods of yoga spans a vast range from physical postures to breathing practices and meditation, all based upon a philosophy of consciousness and natural way of life.


Offer interactive Video session for knowledge transfer, meeting, webinar and training.

Polling Result

The instant polling system provided for feedback mechanism and better understanding.

Learning Methodology

theOnlineGurukul provides Traditional Method Of Learning With the help of Modern Technology.

Ease of Learning

Hassle free life for parents, No Travel, No Safety Concern, Eco Friendly & better time utilization for students.

Cost Effective Learning

Multiple Students in a class makes it feel like a regular tuition class with the added advantage of sitting at their home & having a very cost effective class.

Media Sharing

Real time media sharing in various format enhance the power of teaching and learning.


Priority notifications of meeting and session always keeps you on the board.

Recorded Session

Recorded sessions can be used for later review and references.

Missing the concept

Updated Content

Best and Latest study material available for teaching. Digital and 3D content for better understanding of concept.


Interested in getting 1-on-1 classes with a personal Teacher?

For Students Studying in CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB & State Boards.

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